.: Welcome to Studio WildSide

Studio WildSide is dedicated to developing consumer targeted special effects. We do custom masks, skin, and costumes to help transform you into the creature you've always wanted to be.

We use the newest in platinum based silicone technology to create hypoallergenic masks and costumes that conform to the user's face. Using our prosthetic, users can eat, talk, express emotion, and interact far more normally than by using traditional 'helmet' style costumes.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Check the Video link to the left to see some prototypes of our prosthetic masks.

.: Custom Orders.

Studio WildSide is working hard to bring out affordable modular prostetics systems. Pieces will be available in a variety of formats such as

  • Face only
  • Full head
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Hand/Arm/Head kits
  • Full body costumes

These products will be available in a variety of creatures, species, genders, and designs. While these products are not available for release yet, we are working hard on providing quality pieces for you soon.
However, if there is something specific that you NEED to have, please contact us. We can discuss the details of creating a custom prosthetic face piece for you.

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